World Vision hired me to direct a documentary in Nepal for them that just wrapped, but along the way, they asked for two more. The first was an appeal video that artists can show at their concerts, and the second was a promo for their artist collective. (Coming soon). For the appeal, I had a hard time finding an idea that was generic and sincere without being too cheesy. My original idea was called ‘First Home’ and was about imagining your first home, and what it would be like if it were taken away in a disaster, then ending with the statistic that there are more homeless people in the world right now (because of disasters and wars) than at any time since WWII. That script didn’t fly, however, so Eric Samuel Timm, one of their premiere artist/speaking partners, offered his help and wrote a new script with the same kind of theme. Keep in mind, the target audience is everybody, so it didn’t turn out quite as I’d envisioned, haha. Let me know what you think below!